I just saw this question and it is showing behavior I have never seen on a post before. It appears that multiple, older posts have been closed as duplicates of this new post. In the comments, the user metacompactness pointed out that at least 5 older questions have been closed as duplicates:

This seems very odd to me. Is it a valid practice to create an "authority" question for older questions, and close them all as duplicates even though the "authority" question itself is a duplicate?

Note: I am aware that it is perfectly valid to ask and answer your own questions. This just seems to be taking it a step further.


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Why would it not be valid practice? If two questions are duplicates of each other and the newer question has better answers than the older one, then it should be perfectly acceptable to close the older question as a duplicate of the newer one.

In fact, this has been done on Meta Stack Overflow Exchange.

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