I un-deleted a question, but I've ad no views since. Is there a time period between when I undelete and when it becomes visible again?


No, there is no time-period between your un-deletion and the post appearing again on the site. It might take a few moments (less than a minute) before the search indexes are updated so it becomes available as a search result again.

What you might have expected is that the question got bumped to the top of the active question list. That is not the case. Undeleting doesn't bump the post, mostly because that is open for abuse easily, for example by deleting and undeleting your post multiple times ;)

If you want your post to be seen by fresh eyes again you have to make an substantial edit, possible one that clarifies your question, add a test-case, include new research you have done yourself. The ultimate way to bring a question into the spotlight in to put an bounty on it, once you have that privilege

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