I just asked a question concerning the scons build system. Looking at the activity of that tag, I worry that few people will see the question, as the tag does not have a large following. I suspect that even if there are many people familiar with scons, they don't keep up with the questions about it, simply because there aren't many. The question does mention C++, which is a high traffic tag. And as I was editing, the C++ tag was suggested to me. I didn't add it though, because my question requires no C++ expertise.

What do you suggest I do in situations like this? Is it okay to add the C++ tag, just for the purpose of more views, even though it is only tangentially related to my question? Or should I just wait it out and hope for the best, and add a bounty when the question is eligible?

  • I think tangential is fine. I've done a similar thing with WAF. The question will lead balloon otherwise, even though I still had one lead balloon even WITH language tags. Also, I think it facilitates a type of subject discovery for answerers who only peruse language tags.
    – dilbert
    May 15, 2014 at 7:24


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