Please look at the timestamps by Pegah and (others particularly in the comments to the question in this link:

passing multidimensional arrays to function when the dimension size is not clear

They are all at Jan 24 '11 at 14:33:50 [Expand "show 15 more comments"]

How can even the seconds match by the same user on multiple comments. This looks spurious. Is there a general problem with the algorithm? I am posting this here so that stackoverflow developers may take a look. [I'm not sure this is the right place to post.] Or do you get timestamps from user's machine? In this case, it doesn't seem like that, for, even comments by other users have same timestamp recorded. So, this seems like a stackoverflow server error. I'm trying to do data analysis with timestamps and I am curious how often this happens?

If so, I should be careful while excluding duplicates just based on UserId and Post CreationDate.

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There is a deleted answer by the asker on that question, and all the comments with that date are also present on that answer. The answer was converted to a comment alongside all of its comments; this is something that moderators can do. The answer-to-comment conversion resulted in a series of comments whose timestamp is the date of the conversion, rather than the date when the initial content was posted.

I'm not sure if this is really a bug — the timestamp is the date when the comment was created, after all. Even if it's a bug, it's a minor one, and it doesn't occur often (conversion of an answer to a comment is rare, and most of the time the comments aren't carried over).

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