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Here is a question asked by a very low rep user. The answer was trivial, provided in a comment and acknowledged as a solution by the asker.

What do you do in this case?

  • Any subsequent answer will likely be rep-whore.
  • Its futile to merge an answer in as the asker may not accept it.

Vote to close and move on? Flag to delete on account of its triviality?

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I would first encourage the commenter to add their answer as a real answer. If, after some time, they have not done so, I would add it as a community-wiki answer, referencing the comment with the answer in it. Then the answer exists as an actual answer, but you will not be harvesting reputation for it.

  • Good point I forgot about the community wiki option! – user764357 May 12 '14 at 2:36
  • One point to add. In several such cases, the question would be a faq of sorts and it should be trivial to find a duplicate that answers the question. – devnull May 12 '14 at 3:19