Today on StackOverflow site I got notification about +3 change in reputation but when I clicked on it, I am not able to see for which question or answer or comment I got these 3 reputation. I have noticed that this change is applied on my reputation but I cannot see it's explanation. my profile

my profile achievements snap


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The reason is that an answer you downvoted has been deleted. The downvote cost you 1 rep point to cast, and that rep is refunded if the answer is deleted. It may have been deleted by itself (users often delete their downvoted answers), or as part of the deletion of the question to which it responded.

If you look at the reputation tab of your profile, you will see the deleted post listed,* although since you don't have 10k reputation you won't be able to look at the post itself.

*As long as you have the "show removed posts" checkbox at the bottom ticked.

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