It seems to me that there are a number of questions dealing with mathematical optimization that are being given the [optimization] tag. Recent examples:


Find Maximum sum in a path in a 2D matrix with positive integers


Based on my understanding, the [optimization] tag is really all about speeding up/streamlining code, while the [mathematical-optimization] tag is about math programming (e.g. linear or nonlinear optimization).

A canonical example of mathematical optimization is linear programming. Of the 325 questions tagged with [linear-programming], 48 are also tagged with [optimization] while 58 are tagged with [mathematical-optimization]. My unscientific conclusion from this is that nearly half of all questions that should be tagged as [mathematical-optimization] are instead being given the [optimization] tag.

Do others agree these sorts of questions are being mis-tagged as [optimization]? If so, I would love to spearhead a cleanup convert them to [mathematical-optimization].

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