I've somehow locked myself out of my original and primary Stack Overflow account (https://stackoverflow.com/users/2365197/shishir-gupta) .

What happened was, I'd created that account using 'Facebook login'. Now, I wanted to attach my primary email account with the mentioned Stack Overflow account. After adding my email to the Stack Overflow account, and logging back, I realised I had another account on Stack Overflow (which I'd forgotten completely) associated with the email address.

Now, I can't go back to my original account (the one with link provided), as login through Facebook has created this account which I'm asking this question, and email login takes me to the old account about which I'd forgotten.

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Thanks Stack Overflow, as a CM mentioned, system was in the process of merging duplicate accounts, and now I've recovered back my account as well as both the accounts have been merged.

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