This question (1) is a duplicate of another question (2). The second question (2) was marked as a duplicate of another question (3).

The problem is that the second question (2) is not actually a duplicate of the third question (3), due to the nuance between checking the start of an HTML attribute and checking the start of a CSS class within an attribute. It's not much of a difference, which explains the closure of 2 as a dupe of 3.

How should this duplication be addressed? I could vote to reopen #2, and vote to close #1 as a duplicate of #2, or I could just leave both of them alone.

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    close 1 as a duplicate of 2 and open 2, in my opinion. 2 already has a few good answers and definitely isn't a duplicate of 3
    – Kevin B
    Commented May 1, 2014 at 19:28

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Vote to reopen the question that is erroneously closed. If at all possible, edit the question to clarify how it is different from the question it is closed as a duplicate of. If there is a subtle point that prevents the duplicate from applying, emphasize that point so that other readers will understand why it's not a duplicate.

You can go ahead and close the remaining question as a duplicate of the other, if it has an adequate answer.

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