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When tagging additional tags to questions, please use the Android-specific tags such as and , not and .

However, this is very frequently overlooked by new (and no-so-new) users, resulting in an endless supply of tags that are very Android-specific but not Android-prefixed. I could spend the next few days retagging questions with and I probably wouldn't make a measurable dent, but that's not why I'm here right now.

When the android-specific tag exists, such as in the case of , the solution is obvious. Simply retag the question as and go on with your day. (Note: this category is also a problem, but a different discussion).

However, when the tag doesn't exist, what is the proper action? is easy to fix because there are only 18 questions. I could simply create the new tag and retag all of the old questions. However, some such as have quite a few more questions, and would be a bit more work to deal with.

Is the proper action in this case to create the new tag, then create a question here requesting that a mod merge the two tags, such as https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/132411/merge-mapview-into-android-mapview?

Another option I have seen some users take is to create the new tag and mark the old one as a synonym, such as with and . My only qualm with this option is that it could create problems or confusion if any other language/platform/company decides to use the word marked as a synonym in the future.

A history of past similar threads: Propose to merge SO tags 'android-intent' and 'intent', Merge tags [contentprovider] and [android-contentprovider] and [content-provider]?, Merge tags [contentprovider] and [android-contentprovider] and [content-provider]?, Merge tags [cursorloader] and [android-cursorloader], Retag request: [appwidget] to [android-appwidget], Synonym request - [android-edittext] -> [edittext]


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You don't actually have to create the new tag first if you're gonna ask a moderator to rename - they can merge an existing tag into a non-existent tag, creating and synonymizing them in the process. This also guarantees the existing tag wiki is preserved.

In fact, unless you plan to retag enough of them to allow you to suggest a synonym on your own, there's no point - it's just going to cause confusion.

If you can handle the entire process yourself (retagging all questions to have the new tag) then you might want to open up a meta discussion just to let folks know what you're doing, but for very obscure tags even this isn't strictly necessary.

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