When reviewing Close Votes in the review tools, it's always good to know for what reason it was voted for closure. The good news: It already does this!

However, it doesn't show the sub reasons of the off-topic reason. That means the only thing I can see when reviewing is that is was voted for being "off-topic". These reasons differ from belonging to another SE site to not providing enough information. It would be nice if this "subreason" is shown too, like:

Should this question be closed as: off-topic; This question belongs to another site in the Stack Exchange network?


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Just click (more) to show the off-topic reason picked:

enter image description here

to expand to:

enter image description here

  • SO has so many hidden gems... Thanks for noting this one out!
    – Wouter J
    Apr 27, 2014 at 12:41

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