I've been doing research on Android AppWidgets lately, and I notice the tagging here is pretty inconsistent.

Currently there are two tags which I see used repeatedly for question about android appwidgets:

  • - "Appwidget is a disambiguation of the word "widget", which can either mean: (1) a small application (for example a clock), embedded in an host (your desktop) - this is an appwidget. (2) a gui element (a button, text field or dropdown)."

  • - "UI elements to use on an Android Application screen."

is ambiguous and seems like a generic tag, so I think instead of using that many users are choosing to tag their AppWidget questions with , which is an incorrect usage of that tag.

There are 349 questions tagged , and it appears that every single one of them is either tagged android (334 of them), or about android and not tagged as such (15 of them).

I think it would be better if this was clearly made an android tag , such that people would tag their appwidget questions as such instead of choosing , which seems more on-topic but is incorrect.

  • I agree that we should synonym [appwidget] -> [android-appwidget]. I have re-tagged the last few questions which were not about android. – Kara Apr 25 '14 at 20:33

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