I've recently been looking at this question about breaking out of nested loops, which has been flagged up as a possible duplicate of this question about labelled statements - a flag with which I don't agree. As a user that isn't yet able to cast open/close votes on flagged questions, how should I best approach this?

Should I:

  • comment to say that I don't agree with the duplicate flag?
  • ignore it and wait to see what the community decides?
  • do something else entirely?

Obviously if you have the requisite reputation to vote then that's the appropriate thing to do!

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    It currently just seems to be a flag. There is no active close vote on it, so it's not on its way to being closed just yet. You've left a comment, which is a reasonable thing to do.
    – Bart
    Apr 25, 2014 at 13:48
  • @Bart Ah, fair enough, perhaps I've not fully understood what flagging does in that case. I can't yet see open/close votes either, so I can't tell if there's an active vote going on! If you want to post this as an answer then I'll accept it.
    – JonK
    Apr 25, 2014 at 13:57

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At the time of writing the question apparently just had a duplicate flag on it. There were no close votes, so there wasn't an immediate danger of the question being closed as a duplicate. It will appear in review queues to have those with sufficient privileges establish whether it's a duplicate or not.

However, if you see such a flag comment and you disagree with it, you can always comment, as you have. A comment along the lines of "It's different from that question because ..." is just fine, which you've done. So well done. Just make sure you don't leave a comment like "no it's not" or something similar, because that won't achieve a whole lot. But I'd say you did well.

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