I was reading a lot here about duplicates on SO, but I'm still confused what should I, and what can an asking person do.

Here is a situation:

  1. I visit newly asked question, that I judge I can answer,
  2. it turns out to be a duplicate of my own answer,
  3. in a comment, I leave a link with my answer posted in the past,
  4. I flag a new question so more experienced users can manage that,
  5. a person who asked a duplicate suggests to leave an answer, so he/she can accept it.

So I'm confused if I should post a duplicate of my own answer, or is it a moment I should end my interaction? On the other side - what can that person do?

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The question should be closed as a duplicate. You should use the appropriate type of flag to propose the duplicate, and if it really is a duplicate, hopefully it will be closed as such reasonably quickly.

The answer from the duplicate should not be duplicated as an answer here, even if the OP asks you to.

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This happened to me once. I voted to close and linked the answer in the comments. I asked OP to upvote my answer if found helpful .

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