I just ran across this answer doing edit approval. It appears that the accepted answer on the question is no longer valid as the site it points to no longer exists.

Having an online highscore leaderboard for a Flash game

I was just wondering what we do with something like this. It's the accepted answer can we / should we remove it?

I have added a comment to the answer stating that it no longer works. But I thought I would ask here to get an idea on how we treat issues like this.

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    I voted to close that question you linked to. It basically is asking for a site recommendation which attracts link only answers as is proven by the other answers...
    – rene
    Commented Apr 24, 2014 at 7:30

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If you can, improve the answer by fixing the broken link to the new location of the same content.

If that is not possible leave a comment for the author, maybe he/she knows a mirror of that original content.

Downvote the accepted answer.

Provide a new answer, preferable without a link or with the essential parts of the content the link provided copied in the post with proper attribution.

That answer shows why we don't like the answer to be in another castle.

More often than not those answers are given on questions that are asking for libraries, off-site resources or recommendations. Those questions should be closed, either by flagging or voting to close them.

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