I know community wiki answers can be edited to be more correct and accurate.

But I don't know how could community contribute to a question?

I mean, the question is the questioner's question and how could community improve it?

The only reason I've seen till now is to escape from downvotes.

So why make a question community wiki?

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    You can't make a question community wiki by yourself. Commented Apr 24, 2014 at 2:48

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The usual reason to make a question CW is simply to emphasize that it exists purely as a wiki: no non-wiki answers allowed, just edit the one(s) already there.

One of the best (and oldest) examples of this are the meta faq topics. It's very rare that more than one answer is even necessary, and in all cases it's essential that the answer(s) be kept up to date long after the original authors are gone: as a result, one of the rules for turning a question into an official meta faq is that it must be made CW first.

The wisdom of establishing this rule has been demonstrated time and time again, as changes to the system necessitated massive re-writes of existing topics. Instead of an impenetrable mess of obsolete answers (with the most current information ranked lowest) we have in most cases a single, up-to-date answer.

On the main sites, this is much more rare. However, several communities have made use of similar techniques in order to handle similarly-common questions requiring extensive input from many different people.

To prevent abuse, making a question Community Wiki requires the assistance of a moderator.

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