On every user's profile page there is a toggling button that reduces displayed information about a user, right beside their name, called "less info".

Why would I not want to get the full information about a user when I'm specifically viewing their user profile page? What is the reason this feature exists? Is it a mobile browser thing? Or a small screen thing? Can they not scroll the page?


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The only things that toggle hides are the age field, the number of profile views and the bio. And it reduces the avatar size.

With my usual screen resolution, in less info mode, I get to see the Accounts and Votes Cast "widget" thingies without scrolling.

When I go and check out a profile, I'm generally not interested in the items in the first group, but do like to see those in the second. So for me, the less info toggle is misnamed – it in fact lets me see more of information I'm usually interested in at a glance.

Other people just like the collapsed view better. I suspect quite a few people never noticed that link.

Why you would prefer one view or the other is a question only you can answer I'm afraid.

  • +1 -- note that the collapsed status persists between page loads, so it is actually toggling a preference rather than a page-level toggle to fold up a "read more" section on the current page. I have the "less info" mode turned on as a default. Nov 20, 2014 at 22:16

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