I'm happy the split has been done, but I feel a bit troubled by the fact that so far, all questions end up on MSE unless explicitly migrated to MSO. The announcement states that

We’re in the process of migrating quite a few Stack Overflow specific discussions that are still relevant and unresolved, to help to show the kind of topics that belong on the new MSO.

Furthermore, the status of the split writes:

However, we're starting to 'cherry pick' a few, sending them over manually, which will continue on and off today. I expect to do the bulk of sending things back over on Friday, April 18, as things should be settled and stable by then.

My question is, what shall I do with those questions which still are on MSE after this date, even though MSO would be the correct place for them. Particularly questions which I have a personal interest in, e.g. because I asked them myself? Can I somehow nominate them for bulk migration? Perhaps by making sure they contain a useful tag, like those summarized by Gilles? Or by flagging them for moderator attention? A request to establish a migration flag was declined in a comment, but I'm not sure that's the last word, and it would seem an obvious solution to me.

I did some research, and found different answers in different places. Here Shog9 suggests flagging them, but at the same time warns against flagging them all. But I'm not sure whether the advice against flagging things still applies after the bulk migration has been done. In the long run, MSO questions placed on MSE don't make a sense, so something should be done about them. Question is, what and when.



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