I thought Stack Overflow was about programming. But I'm seeing quite a bit of questions that don't deal with programming. Instead they are about system administration, networking virtualization, KVM, etc. Are those questions legitimate or did they slip under the moderator's radar?



You're right to be suspicious; Stack Overflow is about programming, whereas Server Fault is about professional server administration, and Super User is for general software questions.

I took a look at the specific questions you mentioned and it does appear that they slipped under the radar. Specifically:

Where applicable, I have cast close votes.


Funny thing about all of those questions; none of them have answers. Yep, they slipped under the radar.

System administration questions, except when they have programming content, are off-topic on Stack Overflow. They're on-topic on Server Fault (but read their help pages first, to see how they like things).

  • They like things on Sever Fault? – boatcoder May 12 '14 at 1:52

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