So I created a few new tags: and

And I assigned them to my questions IntelliJ CSS autocomplete / Emmet? and IntelliJ 12 Android and Gradle respectively.

Then, the tags got removed in an edit. My questions are:

  1. Was I right to create these new tags? As IntelliJ versions differ wildly in terms of functionality and bugs
  2. If so, why were the tags removed from the questions? I thought it more applicable to have a tag than have the version number in the title
  • Personally, I don't see how these tags are any different to the numerous Visual Studio version tags.
    – Joe
    Commented Mar 21, 2014 at 9:40

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That was me. Sorry about that. Sometimes I can be a bit zealous in removing new tags.

I'm not sure why I removed these given how long ago it was, but if you created them both on the same day it's very likely that I suspected that the questions that they were applied to actually had no version-dependent features that required a new tag.

Version tags are widely misused. A lot of people use version-specific tags simply because they're using that specific version of some software product, without understanding that their question should also be tagged with the versionless tag of the same product in order to actually be seen. As a result, some questions become hard to find, and questions that are hard to find also don't get timely, quality answers.

If you must create a version-specific tag, please be sure to read the general policy on version tagging.

The two tags you created seem to have survived, I didn't add them to my tag death watchlist. It's probably safe to add them back.

If you feel strongly about those version-specific tags, I encourage you to monitor their use and ensure that their use corresponds to specific features unique to that version and that they're also tagged with the appropriate versionless tag for visibility.

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