I was surprised about newly established Meta Stack Overflow has no reputation display but it's only displaying the Stack Overflow's reputation.

I read that Meta is now really a real Stack Overflow Meta.

Anyway, I've no problem with the reputations changes. But where are my questions that I asked before?

I'm not seeing any questions that I asked before the Meta Stack Overflow website change.


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The old Meta Stack Overflow site has been renamed to Meta Stack Exchange and your profile is still there, questions and all.

The site was renamed to make space for a real per-site Meta for Stack Overflow, which you are looking at now. In the next few days some Stack Overflow-specific posts may be migrated here.

See the blog post, which is linked from the system banner at the top and from the community bulletin box in the sidebar.

Because this is a proper per-site Meta, your reputation here is taken from Stack Overflow itself (synchronized once per hour). You can still earn badges, but up and downvotes on your questions and answers do not affect your reputation here or on Stack Overflow itself.


You can see them on your profile on Meta StackExchange.

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