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I touched my first computer in 1986, one TK90X that my mom bought to me to play games. The games wasn't so good, then I started to write code in basic and Z80 assembler. After four years, in 90, I started to work on a video store close to my home “programming” in Clipper Summer 87 - at that time I didn’t had a clue of what it was but the owner decided to hire me even without previous experience. I stood coding in xbase (clipper, joinner, dbase and variants) for almost 4 years, then came C and Pascal 5.5 (where I learned my O.O. concepts). In 94 I started to work as self employee and passed by a bunch of companies doing more code (VB3-6, VC++, sybase, oracle 7.3), coordinating developers and doing analysis. In 2004 I started to code in java and since then I’m trying to keep working as system architect and to improve my team lead skills. I also did a lot of work that I forgot or that I don’t like to mention ...

I'm 42 years old, grumpy, married without pets nor children.