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Ida Ebkes

Love open source, free software, stackoverflow and any concept which allows people to share knowledge and information.

Convicted Plonista since 2007, as it shows to be continuously the most secure open source CMS, which is probably also due to the fact that no PHP is involved and the object-orientated data-management (Python rules!), besides of the genious work of the ZOPE/Plone-founders.

I once registered here, because the Plone foundation is promoting SO as the main place to communicate about Plone, which is a displacement, regarding the actual purpose of SO, but wanted to help new users to get started quicker, as it takes a lot of effort to figure out where the needed information lives and if it is reliable to a certain extend.

I didn't register here to collect points, while that admittedly had a hooking effect, I hope you are intelligent enough to see the insignificance of that number, just as insignificant, as the resulting number of a so called IQ-test. Well, unless you're dutch, of course ;-)

Plone - where are't thou going? Did dices already fall, or do we finally come together one day?