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Paul McMurdie

I am currently a Biostatistician in the R&D Department of Second Genome, Inc. My research interests revolve around computational biology, with emphasis on open-source tools and the R language in particular.

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I am currently the lead developer of an R/Bioconductor package for data management and analysis of high-throughput DNA-sequencing based microbiome census data. The package is called phyloseq, and it is developed openly on GitHub, with official development and stable releases of phyloseq available from Bioconductor.

I am also an outside contributor to the biom-format project, a general-use format and API for representing biological contingency tables and associated metadata/covariates. I am the lead developer of the R API for the project, with an initial version of the biom package for R on the CRAN repository, and an updated version that supports both JSON and HDF5 formats submitted to Bioconductor. The latest contributions and development details are available at the biomformat repo on GitHub.

My background is in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, bioinformatics, and most recently, statistics and R development.