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Making data accessible for a wider audience of society requires many elements. The data engineer, scientist and the programmer work together to develop meaningful analysis and a suitable presentation in an effort to share new findings that could change the way people look at the information floats around them in their lives.

Personal Statement:

I like to try things out. If you tell me something works because of "xyz", I'll go back to my desk to check out the concept and see for myself.

The first time you see it, you may remember it for a day or two. The one time you do it, that thing bounces around in your head forever...

I got my first computer at age 9. As soon as I figured out how to get to the command line, I spent a few days just messing around with variants of the PRINT statement. My BASIC programming language skills rocketed from there, and I mused with my friends how awesome it would be when technology could catch up with the kinds of ideas we were already dreaming of.

...Many decades later, I'm still in front of a screen. And now I make a living writing code that does interesting things.

I don't work for a gi-normous dot com nor do I own yachts from the spoils of my latest high-tech venture. You would think such an early start would lead to a privileged advantage... :) I'm here, in places like this; sharing what I've learned and picking up pointers from others and their (experience-based) opinions.

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