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Richard Pascual

Code dis: What kind of Jazz, you say? The cool kind that Fred Rogers used to play, in the neighborhood but Miles way. Weigh in, Pac. May weather got ya heated? Segway into inline code discussions. Too die for! Jesus, help us! Choke, cough, arti arti naman. Choked up. Take a swig. Here, have another. Sip, sip sa boss. Ganyan? Hindi. Get out and dodge!

 How was the lang ratio?
 Switch to Metro, Cu29.us are everywhere

Takbo! Pulis! Mg cu29.us sa gawas. Mg aaliaas kami.

 > Steve, what did you pull up on that last dive?
 > [pause]

Pulling up sir. Keep it up, see he's stalling. There's your window.

 > Tickets!  Pulis(like it?  CHEER where you are!)

JumboTRON acrid smokescreen halts the corner (Ed. Laying it on think, aren't you?) {Playing: November Rain, Guns and Roses} {Playing: Don't Cry, Guns and Roses}

More time. Will call. Don't


 connect sys as sysdba

I said

 flashback(?_show options)

Where's muy lejos de ti. Porque no yammera may [poketto:yama mei] yammera alarm. An Android on the double would be helpful here. It's the professor! Hide everyone, it's Soong. Father, good to hear from you...

Hey, I'm sorry my French device is on the fritz. Was my Spanish ok? Toda esta bien. Puede cenar conmigo?

End Vignette

Roll Credits: {Enya: Raaain?}

 Ed Mode: user:mitchell/pilot (?_which)
 > gant
 Ok.  Browser type set.  Text Area prepared for verbosity... {yourself}

 ... jumping.
 Hyperspace down.  Check dash for updates.

. waiting . waiting . waiting . waiting

 Dash Log:
    Context-type/movie: Status: (On Break) Fritz Lang
    lang: Visayan-Pilipino

The doctor(?_whoishe) Who is which? There are a few people here.

K-L Paul Sung is a professor of Bioengineering at the University of California, San Diego. [lex> amylyse reference][1].

[1]: He's good. I'll keep him in line. emo-simile: like the police? as if. Call this script next time when you're waiting {tron:gif.IT > loopthis(1): -/|-/|}

Would you recognize this if?
I would be troubled. It's overdone. Lunch passed two hour ago. Please explain this. Let's just drop it for now... ok. wai DROP AL

. . .

... go outside buddy.

REVERSE SYNTAX There's a drop in the price of alcohol. Buy?

Your dad's off duty for the kids. sms-in: Son, I dropped off the kinds of things you get?

... Children.. what happened to the children?

connect-by > voice(?_whoisit): Hello, Dad. Thanks for the catch. Must have lost track of the time.

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