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Are you wondering why Prolog loops so often? Read this reply and others using a . Failure slices can also be used to determine a lower bound for the number of inferences like when Finding the largest integer or when Getting factors.

The Prolog prologue attempts to make Prolog systems more uniform. Help put s on a safe normative basis! Use SO for factual questions around.

Features of good Prolog code

And now to purity. Whose mind is not touched by such beauty?

?- maplist(dif(X),Xs).
   Xs = []
;  Xs = [_A],
;  Xs = [_A,_B],
   dif(X,_A), dif(X,_B)
;  Xs = [_A,_B,_C],
   dif(X,_A), dif(X,_B), dif(X,_C)
;  ...

More: tfilter/3, call_nub/1, call_semidet/1, all//1, memberd/2, memberd_truth/3, iso_dif/2, all_seq//2, λ.

Close-voted/Closed/deleted questions. Help to reformulate/reopen them! SO rules are difficult: A prologue for Prolog, Prolog systems in Javascript, Real world Prolog usage, Can you get a job thanks to your Prolog skills?.

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