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I've been a computer enthusiast since tinkering with an Apple II E as a kid. I still love Apple hardware and primarily use my PowerBook G4 for my computing needs, but I'm also comfortable with Windows and Linux systems that I've used.

Computer programing has been a hobby of mine off and on since I was a child. I wrote a AppleSoft BASIC program to generate "Car Bingo" forms for a road-trip my family was planning. In college I took a course on scripting for the internet where I was exposed to perl and became a fan of regular expressions. I've also taught myself HTML/CSS web design. And I've used MATLAB for structural engineering programing. Lately I've been using VBA to write code for MS Office based applications (Word, Excell, and Access).

In my personal projects, I'm interested in learning more web technologies including becoming more proficient in javascript and utilizing web bases services like Yahoo! Pipes and YQL.