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About Me:

I work as a professional software developer for a UK web hoster and internet services company and spend most of my time building provisioning and web based self-service systems for IIS, Apache and Citrix XenServer.

My Curriculum Vitae can be viewed on Stack Overflow Careers.

Stuff I like to listen to at last.fm

You can get in touch here: kevin #.# kenny #@# zygonia #.# net (you know what to do with the # and spaces).

Have rejoined this Facebook nonsense so come and abuse me here: https://www.facebook.com/kevin.kenny.12

Also not ashamed to admit I like trains, in particular modern era BR onwards :)

comment Abusive/aggressive users taking it outside of Stack Overflow
@ollieread - as a site (diamond) mod I used to get a few emails and Twitter contacts from users who weren't best pleased they'd been moderated. Most quickly get bored after a day or two after being blocked on Twitter and ignoring their emails.
comment How to deal with dangerous answers
Aw, I was expecting the unholy spawn of rm -fr / having coupled with Tri-Force.
comment Fluent in Spanish? We're hiring a Community Manager for a Spanish Stack Overflow
+1 ...well no actually that'd just be trolling. But for comedic value well done Evan :)
comment How to make images stand out when posting images with whitespace?
Best "misuse" of the kbd tag for ages :)
comment Need for a P4VS tag?
I agree, there's no git-vs or git-windows tags.
comment Username obfuscates content
Aw you folks are no fun :) But fair enough, was fun while it lasted and it wasn't done intentionally to cripple your viewing experience. I guess it'll take a wee while for the change to arrive here.
comment Asking about advice to use one operator instead of another was poorly received
I think that's an ok question. I probably wouldn't have mentioned code golf and just asked if if a/b: was valid syntax in an if statement to do the same thing as if a<=b:.
comment How should I treat a well-written question that is a duplicate?
"if they didn't even take the time to throw their question into Google first it's still just wasting everyone's time and isn't actually helpful" - true, but a complete noob may not have the experience to express a useful search term. I imagine google brought them to this site judging by their comments.
comment Clearly written easy but narrow question - how to moderate?
@staticx - not really true. We welcome users from all around the world who's first language may not be fluent english. We are not english and grammar nazis. We have the "editing for all" feature so that you can also help fix english and grammar where the basic jist of the question is understood. Yes there are some questions that are truly incomprehensible and those should be closed, but in the case of the OP this question could quite easily have been fixed.
comment Is [language-lawyer] really an effective characterization, or a borderline meta-tag?
Looks like a junk tag to me: catb.org/jargon/html/L/language-lawyer.html
comment Are git related questions “on-topic” on Stack Overflow?
git is a source control tool - questions about source control and the tools we use to manage source control are totally and absolutely on-topic on Stack Overflow.