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I am a full-time software developer working mostly with front-end user interfaces. I've worked with large companies such as US Steel in the past and I am always looking for new and exciting places which will drive me to learn more and will also offer me a new atmosphere.

The majority of my day-to-day work deals with JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, and SQL, using the AngularJS framework and the Twitter Bootstrap UI, but I also have knowledge in Java, PHP, and am learning Objective C in my spare time. I feel that the best way to learn new tricks is to get a job with others who can help teach you, and to be placed with a real life task that requires you to learn new skills in order to be accomplished.

I come to StackOverflow quite often, not just to ask questions, but also to see what questions are being asked. I truly enjoy contributing my extensive knowledge on JavaScript, CSS, SQL, and the AngularJS framework to the other users on this site and I'm not entirely sure why. Just another use for the knowledge I have, and plus, I like feeling smart. I am extremely knowledgeable in JavaScript, using Canvas and SVG, and complex CSS.

I am currently attending college for a double major in Computer Information Systems (software based) and Computer Information Technology (hardware based) and am working towards multiple certifications including the Cisco A+ certification. I plan to have at least one of my associates degrees within the next year or so.

You can find me and some of my experimental/example work on JSFiddle, username WebWanderer. Thanks for reading!

Here is my favorite comment I've posted on here:

"JQuery is like a rocket-ship. If your trying to get to the moon, JQuery will get you there. You can build a rocket-ship yourself, but that's a lot of hard and unnecessary work. With that being said, if your not trying to go to the moon, don't use a rocket-ship. If your trying to make a piece of toast, you don't need to install a rocket-ship in your kitchen to use the heat of the thrusters, yet you can write yourself a toaster. This answer is a toaster, and odds are, your making toast. If you already have a rocket-ship, look at the documentation to find out where the toaster is."