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How I publish my website or how I make name server of my website ?

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Hosting Package: 1FreeHosting Domain: armukul.net IP Address:

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Email Address: abir2930@gmail.com Password: ••••••••••

Control Panel URL: http://cpanel.1freehosting.com

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Server Name: server24.1freehosting.com Server IP:

Nameserver 1: ns1.1freehosting.com Nameserver 2: ns2.1freehosting.com Nameserver 3: ns3.1freehosting.com Nameserver 4: ns4.1freehosting.com

Temporary FTP Hostname: Full FTP Hostname: ftp.armukul.net FTP Username: u877900893 FTP Password: ••••••••••

You must upload files to the public_html folder!

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POP3 Host Address: mx1.1freehosting.com SMTP Host Address: mx1.1freehosting.com

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