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Senior ACM member and former C/C++ freak with still some interesting ideas and skills ;-)

Short background:

  • 1984 Fluent in Z80 assembler and M, a portable PDP11 like assembler, in a time where UCSD p-code was the only widely known bytecode;

  • 1985 Adopted C as mother tongue. At that time Standard C didn't exist and K&R was the only true reference. Still have the #1 issue of the "C journal" (no, it was not called "the C user's journal" at that time !);

  • 1991 Adopted C++ as new main language. Actually it was the macintosh MPW implementation of ATT C++ 2.0. At that time templates didn't exist, STL was yet to come, and the best way to have cool generic containters was to implement some using multiple inheritance.

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