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I am at the step of having an American private employer hiring part time; making the paper work for my life time social security number; or for the USMC to clarify the Civil US Marine new project; I do not need a pension coming from the social security public program nor a disability payment; I can go without a driver’s license. If I do not leave the US, I do not need a passport. I am legal here; I arrived legally; their is no visa for people who leave Canada definitively and cancel their Canadian citizenship; my Canadian passport is due now : November 2014 and I destroyed it in winter 2013. I renounced de facto to my Canadian citizenship on January 1st 2012 because nobody ever answered me who bugged my condo in Quebec City and why. I do not worth an answer; so I left. Leaving Canada, I was not a legal resident of Canada anymore and after 6 month, I am not a tax payer of the Province of Quebec or of Canada anymore. They were student manifestation in the Province of Quebec, the biggest in the History of the province; I talk about a Printemps Quebecois before, asking Quebecers to go on Facebook and other social network to tell who they are, why they are angry. At least 20% of Quebecers are on antidepressant and the People of Quebec is dying assimilated with high salary government jobs; other kind of jobs disappearing. I never asked for an asylium; I send to the embassy of Canada of Washington by paid 24 hours mail my form to cancel my Canadian citizenship in July 2012 from Mountain View, Ca. I always felt a US Marine, an American in my heart and soul. I want to be free and independent.

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