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·•· I have owned a Computer before there was an Internet. From 6502, to 8080, '286, '386, '486. Waiting for the 'Next Big Thing' which, as you know, is coming RSN (maybe next year).

·•· I had worked for years on the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) Project @ gcc.gnu.org but am no longer as active as I once was. I switched over to the The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure which is available at llvm.org .

·•· I currently work with the Mozilla Organization www.mozilla.org helping with their Firefox Web Browser, all version but mostly the Nightly release.

Try our FREE Web Browser's Nightly versions they very rarely crash http://nightly.mozilla.org/ (and there is an easy Error Reporting Mechanism). If you feel less brave and want the most stable version (with fewer Features) try http://www.mozilla.org/firefox/ .

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