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Unihedron @ Miaou

I am an Indie Game Developer, a typical programmer of ActionScript 3.0 (Flash), C++ and Java, but I mainly do Java. I make video game music (chiptune) for myself, sometimes. I also play Minecraft. It is the game I mainly play on in my free time.

I ♥ Overworld.

I am a developer of EmberCraft among other roles, with a passionate interest in inanimate things such as physics, math, dimensions, and idiomatic code.

If you like my work and would like to buy some, please get in touch. I'm sure you will find a way :)

Oh, I also have a page here, here, and here.

Computer Specs:
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 processor; 3MB Smart Cache with 64-bit support; with L1 Data Cache of 32 KB; with L2 Cache of 256 KB in On-Die, ATC, and at Full-speed; Also comes with x86, x86-64, MMX, SSE, SSE2 and SSE3 instructions.
CPU Clock Speed: 1.33 GHz (133%[1.770GHz] when overclocked); In a distributed processing network with another 1.33 GHz desktop.
Graphics: Intel(R) HD Graphics (Core i3 intergrated); 1.67 GHz GPU processing with drivers igdumd64, igd10umd64, igdumdx32. igd10umd32
Monitor: NoBD PnP monitor, model HSD121PHW1 ASUS pre-built; Maximum visual display size 27 x 15 cm 12.2" HD; Gamma 2.20; With OpenGL 2.0 support.
Memory: 4 GB RAM; 320 GB HDD mass storage unit; 11.38 Utilized Virtual Memory; With active and supported PAE.
BIOS: Unknown revisions of System and Video ROM.
Motherboard: Unnamed motherboard ASUS built-in, laptop size.
Drives: No optical or magnetic drive readers.
PCI Network: Atheros AR8131 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.20) [NoDB]; Intel(R) WiFi Link 1000 BGN [NoDB].
Battery: AC Line; ASUS Hybrid 16V External.

Multimonitor, virtual environment, ATA, SMART, DirectX 8192 x 8192 3D Vertex and Pixel 3.0; DirectX 8-bit 16-bit mono stereo; DirectX Microsoft MIDI Mapper [Virtual]; Direct Input support, intergrated AR8131 PCI-E revision C0.