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I know what you're thinking and yes: the underscore is important!


  • Science Fiction Fantasy Rank: Admiral - that means you can call me 'Admiral @N_Soong' if you want!
  • Favorite Sci-Fi Franchise: Star Trek
  • Favourite Fantasy Franchise: The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Favourite character: Data (of course - he's my son!)

About me

I'm a hobbyist programmer who enjoys desktop software development with Python (2.7) and building web apps with JQuery.

I have a passion for history, philosophy, psychology and I'm quite fond of IT and a very loyal member of Ravenclaw.

Feel free to say hello to me over on Mos Eisley ;)


I'm a passionate Trekkie, having seen all of TOS and TNG, a little DS9, 1/2 of VOY and most of the movies. I'm getting into Enterprise now. I'm especially interested in (surprise surprise!) as well as The Borg. If you have a question about Thunderbirds I'm a huge fan with lots of resources about it so I'm probably your man. I'm also a big fan of Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and Stingray. In terms of other sci-fi works I love Lost in Space (the TV series mind you); the Back To The Future trilogy; WALL-E; Despicable Me; Star Wars; The Matrix trilogy, Men in Black films, Minority Report and Pokemon.


I love the Chronicles of Narnia; am quite fond of Harry Potter; the Inkheart trilogy; The Wardstone Chronicles; the Icemark series and probably lots of others I can't think of at the moment.