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Jack of all trades in the Renegade IT field. I spend most of my days in VBA & SQL Server land, but I've been learning C# and the .Net framework in my spare time.

I'm active in several Open Source Projects hosted on GitHub and also author a blog.

Open Source Projects:

  • VBEX

    VBEX is a toolbox of useful native VBA classes and modules. The most interesting of which is an extension of the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility library. VBEX acts as a library of code to be referenced from (or imported into) your projects.

  • Rubberduck VBA Editor Add-In

    Every programmer needs a Rubberduck! Rubberduck is a COM Add-In for the VBA IDE that makes VBA development even more enjoyable. Features include:

    • Task List
    • Code Analysis
    • Fully Integrated Unit Testing Framework (without boiler plate code!)
    • An improved Project Explorer that goes beyond your files and right down into your code.

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