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C++, Java, DirectX 10/11, OpenGL 3.3+, 3D Modeling, Music Tech. Yeah, you can see where this is going. I like making games. I've been working on my game engine for about a year, on and off, and by now I've got implementations of message queues, audio and graphics pipelines, Lua scripting, and a persistent thread pool, among more trivial things. Bullet physics, CEGUI, and ASIO are on their way.

I've thrown together a couple simple games over the years, jumping between mediums of UDK, Unity, Source, and my own engine. So I've got a meager amount of experience, which I feel obligated to share whenever the chance arises.

Irrelevant talents include fencing, wilderness survival, cooking, and slaying my enemies in Smite and/or Smash Bros.