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GitHub: Me, Powered Rails

Hello, I'm a web developer that quite enjoys his work. It's a day to day routine of something that I enjoy. So, as a little side, I also enjoy helping people here on Stackoverflow. Right now I like to consider my expertise to be JavaScript and NodeJS. But I've also done a lot of HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL on the side.

Noit is a NodeJS extension that provides easy-to-use server management for both HTTP and HTTPS servers. With a simplistic JavaScript structure and regex-matching URLs, you can create API, app, static, and many more web servers with smooth and understandable code.

Powered Rails is a Minecraft server implementation. I currently work on the web API construction. The web API serves JSON content via the proccess of what the server fetches. The web server is ran in NodeJS with Noit (another creation). The Noit server gets pecies from the URL to construct to TCP connection with the requested Minecraft server, then, once it fetches the nessacery data, it construcs a JSON response.

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