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Shekhar Joshi

SHEKHAR JOSHI is a Computer Engineering graduate from University of Mumbai. He has worked as Campus Brand Ambassador for MakeIntern for more than 6 months. He likes to take initiative and is a very enthusiastic person. He has actively participated in his college in various activities and is a good organizer of events. Technically, the following is worth mentioning:

→Programming: SHEKHAR JOSHI is most interested in programming and he has a good understanding of data structures and algorithms, he likes to solve challenging mathematical and logical problems on SPOJ and HackerEarth. He is proficient in ▐ C++ ▐ JAVA ▐ C# ▐ Python

→Data Bases: SHEKHAR JOSHI has successfully completed a couple of courses in Oracle10g, namely: ▐ Introduction to Oracle 10g: SQL ▐ Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop I

Apart from that, most of his projects are in MySql and hence he has got a good hands on experience of the same.

→Web and Front End: SHEKHAR has done quite a few projects using PHP, MySQL and WAMP/XAMPP. He knows in and out of AJAX and hence javaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, jQuery, JSON and MVC Patterns. He has an exhaustive hands on experience in Google Maps api /Geocoding Api, CodeIgniter MVC framework, Joomla and Web hosting. He has a good understanding of ORM mapping tools like Hibernate and EclipseLink, has done a project in JEE while participating in IBM’s TGMC in 2012-13.

→Networking: Protocol Layering, TCP/IP, MAC and IP addressing, NAT, DNS, HTTP, UDP, ARP, RARP, Reverse DNS lookup, Cisco packet tracer, Router installation and configuration.

→Miscellaneous: Eclipse NetBeans IBM Rational Software Architect Photoshop Blender Dreamweaver Linux ER/EER Diagrams Business Analysis. He has the knack for creating and editing Word documents.

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