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I'm a regular user at Stack Overflow & Super User.

If you want me to help you privately (one-to-one basis) with your code (VB.NET, C++, and Lua only), I can be reached via my email: me@alexanderstopher.me. Please note that any misuse of this channel will be reported, please use it responsibly.

I'm a solo game-modification developer and the sole owner & programmer of the Crysis GN (Gaming Network), a replacement for the now-defunct GameSpy Network.

I like my programming, servers, & coffee!

My network is made up of:

  • Two database servers;
  • One HTTP server to resolve requests;
  • One backup database server;
  • One webserver (that holds my main website);
  • 50,000 lines of C++ code & 200 lines of PHP code;
  • Any gameserver that uses the GN Network

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