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Let's just say, I am simply enjoying my programming...
(Mainly using JavaScript, Java, PHP, HTML/CSS, SQL, Python/Jython and some Bash.)
(AngularJS enthusiast !!!) (Thrilled about Node.js for no apparent reason...)


I get majorly frustrated by people getting their questions answered and their problems solved, but never "accepting" an answer :(
(I'll get used to it, I suppose...)

(UPDATE: As of 2013-10-27, I am still not used to it...)
(UPDATE: As of 2014-01-10, I am sort of starting to get somewhat used to it...)
(UPDATE: As of 2014-04-16, it is official: I am somewhat used to it !)
(UPDATE: As of 2014-09-30, I am almost there: Bothered not more than a tiny little bit !)


If any of the answers helped you solve your problem, please **[mark it as "accepted"](http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/5234/how-does-accepting-an-answer-work)**, so users facing a similar problem in the future will be able to spot it easily.

Thank you !

Just stating the obvious (and making it less obvious - for obvious reasons):

var email = [
    ["expert" + "system", "dev"].join('.'), 
    ["gmail", "com"].join('.')