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My latest project: Surround Sound (I know, it's not an amazing name. Still a work in progress). Feel free to browse-around, copy 'n' paste stuff you like, etc, etc (it's all under GPL v3).

By the way, I can be a bit sarcastic at sometimes; nothing personal it's just my sense of humor.

A snippet from another interestingly funny XKCD what if?

public void GetProfile()
    var nouns = new string[] { "Christian", "Programmer", "Audiophile", "Amateur Photographer" };
    var realLocation = "Great Britain";

    var programmingHistory = new Dictionary<DateTime, string> 
        { new DateTime(2012, 9, 1),   "Started programming in Small Basic." },
        { new DateTime(2012, 10, 16), "Moved on to VB.Net." },
        { new DateTime(2013, 3, 1),   "Began to learn C#." },
        { new DateTime(2013, 11, 1),  "Explored the SLAB3D library." },
        { new DateTime(2014, 3, 1),   "Initialized learning protocols for ASP.Net (partially)." }
        { new DateTime(2014, 7, 29),  "Learnt JS (partially)." }
        { new DateTime(2014, 8, 26),  "Started learning C++." }

Oh no, the Earth is getting hotter!

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In my free time I like to make free open source programs/libraries (more info at GutHub).

Stuff that you'll generally find me doing on SO (Stack Overflow),

  • Answering posts that deal with C# and/or anything to do with audio,
  • Editing salvageable posts,
  • Flagging non-salvageable posts,
  • Patrolling the , & tags,
  • Reviewing SE's & LQP's (sometimes FP's & LA's).

I also like Arctic Wolves, Samoyeds and I thourghly enjoy doing DSP in C# (mainly audio stuff though); feel free to invite me to chat (or join me in The SO Tavern) if you need some help.

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