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Ivan D Vasin

Software developer skilled in a number of technologies and principles in the realms of web services, distributed systems, and operating systems. Apt to solve complex problems that require carefully thought out solutions, whether for the sake of correctness, usability, accessibility, visibility, comprehensibility, efficiency, extensibility, interoperability, or other concerns. Mindful of the priorities and the interdependencies among such concerns. Driven by a search for the best balance between elegance and pragmatism in every pursuit of problem solving, particularly crafting software. Willing and eager to question underlying assumptions and consider how mentality, methodologies, and methods affect the processes and results of development.

Especially interested in working on infrastructure, internal tools, automated systems, engines, frameworks, web services, highly available services, elastic platforms, reactive systems, the semantic web, machine learning, intelligent agents, and artificial minds.


• Software architecture, design, and implementation

• Programming paradigms: object-oriented, functional, generic, declarative, imperative, reflective metaprogramming, template metaprogramming

• Application development: command line, desktop, distributed, web

• Infrastructure development: libraries, frameworks, platforms, automated systems, web services

• Systems administration: GNU/Linux servers, web services, IP networks, databases

• Languages and toolkits: Python, Ruby, C++, Bash, PyLab, Qt

• Querying languages: SQLAlchemy, ActiveRecord, SQL, LDAP

• Development methodologies: Kanban, Scrum

• Applied mathematics: calculus, combinatorics, probability, numerical methods