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Before I introduce myself, I just want to politely ask people to not email me with programming questions. I have my own work to attend to. If you want my help, ask a question here, and I might see it :-)

Anyway. I'm just your typical web developer. PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, the works.

I usually hang out at /home/nticompass. Sometimes I'll cd to other folders, but I usually just chill at home. I like to hang with my friends at /usr/share, or sometimes even /opt, when I'm feeling adventurous.

My shell is zsh and my editor of choice is Geany, when I want a GUI, or Vim, when I don't. I use Google Chrome, and sometimes Firefox.

I use either Arch Linux or Gentoo, though I have been known to use Mac OS X or even Windows at times.

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