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Asker Strike! ...SO only with trade

In response to asker oppression and by necessity due to the vote quota, I am on asker strike:

  • No downvotes! I can't afford it anyways on my 5 per upvote wage. The rich answerers have made sure that they start the world with all the advantages at an automatic 10 per upvote salary and that I the low born asker am bullied into submission with downvotes. To be rich in rep is to be able to punish the weak askers.
  • Only questions & answers to my questions will be upvoted!!! I shall only act to assist my oppressed brothers & sisters (and those that help me)!!!! Helpful questions regardless of answers will be primarily upvoted. Answerers who receive checks will also receive upvotes.
  • Votes traded I will upvote answers when I receive a question upvote and upvote questions when I get an upvoted answer.
  • Vote priority If I hit the vote limit, checked answers to my questions will take priority then trades then questions. The six question limit should prevent checked answers to my questions from being relevant, so 34 votes are almost guaranteed available for trade.



thank you divine for the temporal

thank you animals & whoever for language

thank you cro magnons & whoever for math

thank you sumer & whoever for computers

thank you thales & whoever for derivatives

thank you Copernicus, Mill, Friedman, & whoever for the quantity theory of money

thank you amsterdam & whoever for stock exchanges

thank you bell, torvalds, canonical, and whoever for ubuntu

thank you bell & whoever for c++

thank you darpa & whoever for tcp/ip

thank you cern & whoever for http

thank you whoever for gsl

thank you nscp & whoever for ssl, js

thank you whoever for boost

thank you Crockford & whoever for json

thank you whoever for botan

thank you goog for google, ajax, spdy

thank you goog & whoever for chrome

thank you stack for stack

thank you Resig & whoever for jquery

thank you whoever for websockets

thank you Hubbard for flexjson

thank you Wilkinson for json-spirit

thank you Nakamoto & whoever for cryptocurrencies

thank you Rajlich & whoever for java-websocket

thank you Thorson (& whoever?) for websocket++

comment Increase max daily votes?
@EliahKagan Are you pro-asker equality?
comment Increase max daily votes?
6000 at least once. If the votes are log distributed, that's a crap ton of votes gone down the toilet. Good thing it doesn't affect the voters since who cares if you can't upvote someone who helped you? Costs nothing. Too bad for all of the hard working answerers.
comment Downvoting system is baseless and unsupportive
@RichardTingle Theory is not practice. Askers and noobs are bullied. Not my problem: not my site. But I do appreciate the answers!
comment Downvoting system is baseless and unsupportive
Nothing like a good user revolt! Nobody will care until people start leaving again. Enjoy the coming dogpile Askers are lepers on stack, worthy only of contempt and ridicule. alexa.com/siteinfo/stackoverflow.com
comment What exactly is a recommendation question?
i remember when a good search engine used to point to SO for these types of questions. that's not 100% true. it often points to old questions for old issues. new ones not so much anymore.
comment What exactly is a recommendation question?
i just got a new idea for a stack clone...
comment Ignore Users Script
does this work on all stacks?
comment link questions between sites
Yeah, but programming bleeds into servers, which bleeds into networking, which bleeds into cabling, which bleeds into physics, which bleeds into philosophy, which bleeds into religion, which bleeds into... Lots of overlap there.