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My name is Emily and I am a Software Engineering major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. www.calpoly.edu I am a transfer, so who knows what year I am.

I do not have much experience with coding or basic structure yet. I really want to focus on how to write clean, easily maintainable, and well documented code and I have no real idea of where to start.

Most of my classes in programming are just MAKE THIS THING! DOES IT WORK? I want to know a lot more about the process. I don't particularly care about making something right now because I am just hacking my way through without any direction. I remember way back in HS learning about pseudo code but I have not even heard that word mentioned since I have gotten here (to be fair, I have only had the 102 basic Java class here).

A lot of people tell me to "Just make something!" and all I can think about is how in most sports or hobbies, you are encouraged to know the basics so you don't learn and then have to unlearn bad habits.

If anyone would be interested in teaching me some good habits, I would really appreciate it.