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comment Error — “you can only post once every 90 minutes” but I haven't posted in days
Just to add another point: If you're running into other people on your network causing you to not be able to post questions, there is such a thing as a proxy. They can be very useful when being blocked from doing legitimate things (like posting an SO question) by tools designed to prevent people from doing illegitimate things (like spamming SO) that look similar to the server. Tor can be a useful tool at times, for example. (Mods, feel free to delete this if you'd rather this suggestion not be here.)
comment Am I not supposed to mention my gender in a question?
"It seemed to me that some people were saying 'I wish to thank only the men for reading my question,' or 'Only males should answer this question.'" - This is almost certainly not the case. In the usage you describe, the term is referring to a mixed-gender group. While such statements generally don't belong on SO in the first place (see: noise,) reading them as "I wish to thank only the men" is frankly a bit absurd and almost certainly contrary to the author's intent. It is perfectly normal to use the term 'guys' in reference to a mixed-gender group.
comment Can Stack Overflow and Meta's logos be changed temporarily to the “#LoveOverflows” logo?
@MartinJames PHP devs are only oppressed by the language they're using. ;)
comment What is the median reputation level on Stack Overflow?
@onebree That's because, by definition, you only see the users who are interacting with the site (unless you go searching through random user profiles.)
comment What should I do about a user that I'm trying to help and is calling me stupid
I agree that you shouldn't attack the user, but addressing their behavior can be very helpful, if done politely. When a user clearly doesn't understand how the site works, you're not doing them any favors by ignoring their behavior. Until they learn how to post good questions, they're far less likely to get good answers that help them with their problems.
comment Is [map] synonym of [dictionary] really a good idea?
@JonEricson 'map' is both a noun and a verb. At least in my experience, the noun form is more common.
comment Add an “I don't understand” or “I disagree” button after failing an audit
@NathanTuggy mentioned having consequences for challenging at audit... that sounds an awful lot like the current behavior for flagging. Perhaps rather than an "I don't agree" button, a flag button could be added to the audits?
comment Link-Only Answer Flag Declined
@ZeroPiraeus Or maybe Shog just went through and hid them from you to make you question your memory/sanity. :)
comment Are sites that autonomously scrape Stack Overflow for answers to programming problems encouraged?
@Makoto That xkcd was the inspiration of the linked project and is linked at the top of its page. :)
comment What's with [blank-page]s?
While he's taking care of this tag, can we also have Trogdor burninate that song?
comment Let's burn the [source-code]
There is a potential use for this tag: we could make it automatically dump the question in the low quality queue, then untag itself. :)
comment Close and Triage queues need a downvote option. No, really
This answer doesn't solve the OP's problem of getting review audit failures. OP does have a point that while "leave open" is really the correct review action (after downvoting,) not letting people downvote is biasing them towards the 'incorrect' review choice, which is then creating bad audits. Of course, this also raises the question of whether the "don't flag/vote to close 'give me the code' questions" policy was really the right choice. If reviewers are so frequently voting to close them that review audits are commonly choosing that as the correct action, maybe it should be.
comment Why do I have 12K rep increase on my profile in Meta?
@EricJ. I guess we could all help him out by downvoting. :)
comment Should I delete my question if suspected it's a bug by the library?
@RyneEverett Even then, I don't think the question should be deleted. Just answer it with "This was fixed in trunk and will be released next week," ideally along with relevant information about the commit that fixed it. Just because a release next week will fix it doesn't mean the question will be irrelevant next week. Not everyone upgrades weekly.
comment Is it okay to downvote questions asking if some code could work but not actually trying it?
+1 This is especially true where any kind of concurrency is involved. In cases like that, it seems perfectly reasonable for a user to ask if something will work in order to make sure they're not overlooking something important.
comment Why hast thou forsaken me, Stack Overflow?
I'm amused by reading through this question and its comments and then seeing "1 new answer to this question" at the bottom. :) As far as your problem is concerned, while SO does have many, many great answers, there are some questions that are just obscure and never get answered. I should know, having asked a number of them. :) On Super User, I earned the "tumbleweed" badge (no answers, comments, or votes for a week) for my first question there (and, months later, it still has none.) - haha
comment Please clarify “score” vs. “reputation” on tag badge descriptions
@user Normally, I would agree with you regarding posting candidate answers as comments, but there's not really a question in the OP, so it's not really possible to have a true answer in this case. Unless you count "Can you do this?" as a question, in which case this doesn't directly answer it.
comment Remove the mention of “Super User” from the standard off-topic close reasons
@TheBlueDog We could vote to migrate to
comment What causes you to abandon an edit?
Add some extra spaces somewhere. :)
comment Make it clear that deleted questions also count when warning people about the question ban
@RFlack You don't have to be an expert software engineer to ask questions on SO. You just have to 1) show that you did at least some research to try to solve the problem before asking the question and 2) word your questions such that it's clear what you're asking (and such that what you're asking is sufficiently narrow and objectively-answerable.)