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I am currently doing my B.Tech in Computer Science at IIT Ropar in India.

I am a programming and mathematical enthusiast. I know Java, Android Programming, C++, Q Basic, Git. Here are some of my somewhat incomplete projects: Alien Adventure, Bouncy Ball (Live Wallpaper), Elemental Defense. I would be glad to hear comments and suggestion from you. I am presently working on the Project Euler.

I am also interested in Mathematics. I am very comfortable with Combinatorics, Calculus, 3D and other basic things. I can just work up hysics and chemistry fine too.

Also I have been playing electronic keyboard from at least 7 years. I also like to draw and sketch. Other hobbies are listening to music (sometimes), playing computer games and watching Anime (Naruto, Shippuuden, One Piece Fairy Tail I,II, Death Note, etc.) and SitComs (The Big Bang Theory).