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I'm currently working as Android developer enter image description here ,interested in a wide-range of technology topics, including programming languages, opensource and any other cool technology that catches my eye. I love developing apps for Android, designing and coding.

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Got Assist Person badge from HappyMan and naruto.

Got good badge from TheLittleNaruto

man kami farsi baladam

هنگامی که من در پایان زندگیام در مقابل خدا میایستم، من امیدوارم حتی یک بیت از استعدادم را باقی نگذاشته باشم و بتوانم بگویم، من هر چیزی را که تو به من عطا کردی، مورد استفاده قرار دادم...

Loving more than 3 years to inVINSIBLE 'ANDROID' <3

Loving them too:


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number of Android apps in the market: 1170543 & total downloads 50 billion and Percentage of low quality apps: 21% till 18 jan 2014


so chat room

I also like to take photos:

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