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I'm currently working as Android developer, interested in a wide-range of technology topics, including programming languages, opensource and any other cool technology that catches my eye. I love developing apps for Android, designing and coding.

Got Assist Person badge from HappyMan and naruto.

Got badge from TheLittleNaruto

man kami farsi baladam

Apps on Playstore--> VolumeController, Garage Sales Australia,XGRadio, My Naughty Black Book, Shabdkosh, Annonseby

هنگامی که من در پایان زندگی‌ام در مقابل خدا می‌ایستم، من امیدوارم حتی یک بیت از استعدادم را باقی نگذاشته باشم و بتوانم بگویم، من هر چیزی را که تو به من عطا کردی، مورد استفاده قرار دادم...

Loving more than 3 years to inVINSIBLE 'ANDROID' <3

Loving them too:

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number of Android apps in the market: 1170543 & total downloads 50 billion and Percentage of low quality apps: 21% till 18 jan 2014


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