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Learned programming in high school on a Sperry/Univac time-share system with punch-tape! My class was not well attended...I think there were 4 of us, but we used the yellow and black "Basic BASIC" book as our text. Oh, those were the days.

Later (in '82), I ended up manager of "Information Resource Management" Which is just a fancy way of saying I was in charge of all the non-mainframe computer equipment at the company at which I worked. Which in itself is a euphemism for what my boss called "all those stupid little 'pc-things' people are buying." I didn't think he had a very good attitude about it.

Over the years I accumulated lot's of different experiences, mostly in db design, programming, and project management. In the '90s I built an independent, custom software development shop (our Micorsoft Partner program ID was 00017; lol). After that, an ISP and after that an IT services vendor specializing in retail medical and dental offices.

Today, I'm back in school working on degrees in Physics and Astronomy, and I work part-time as a programmer for the local behavioral health center.

Keeping a low profile.

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